Why join the Plant Soil Microbial Community Consortium?


PSMCC members enjoy a number of benefits from participating in the Consortium, including early access to research results, access to University know-how and resources, and input into new research and training directions. More specific benefits include:

  • Early Access to Consortium Research, Results, and Associated Technology Transfer

First , pre-publication, access to consortium research results

Access to presentations on new research initiatives

First access to new IP

Learn about new research proposals submitted for funding

  • Access to University Knowledge and Research Tools

Benefit from the unique breadth of experience and research tools of the PSMCC faculty

Access to the biological materials, computer software, and technology developed by participating PSMCC faculty, including DeCIFR.

Opportunity to propose research ideas to be carried out by PSMCC faculty (Industry driven research projects)

Leverage research funds

Voting rights to determine the Consortium research agenda

  • Networking, Training, and Career Development

Opportunities to interact with students, techs, postdocs and faculty

Through close interaction with students and postdocs, identify potential new hires

Create opportunities for industry internships and sabbaticals for students, postdocs or faculty

Opportunity to communicate desired skills for potential hires