The goal of the Plant Soil Microbial Community Consortium is to facilitate collaborative research and to foster interactions between researchers in the field of plant-microbe interactions in agricultural systems. The Consortium will bring together participating NCState faculty and industries to promote innovation and advances in modeling, predicting, and managing the consequences of environmental impacts on microbes and microbial processes through interdisciplinary research. This research will integrate all aspects of soil microbiome work, at scales ranging from sub-cellular to large-scale ecosystems, and will include computational, genetic, and experimental tool development and application. In addition to the fundamental and translational advances the research will provide, the knowledge developed through the Consortium will be also be used to educate and train students and early career researchers, which will serve to strengthen the collaborative partnership between the University PSMCC faculty and member industries. The PSMCC will also use these advances to engage the general public, policy makers, and stakeholders.