PSMCC Publications:

Identification and Characterization of the Core Rice Seed Microbiome
Alexander W. Eyre, Mengying Wang, Yeonyee Oh, and Ralph A. Dean
Phytobiomes, Vol 3(2), e-ISSN: 2471-2906, 2019

Analysis of leaf microbiome composition of near‐isogenic maize lines differing in broad‐spectrum disease resistance
Maggie R. Wagner Posy E. Busby Peter Balint‐Kurti
New Phytologist, Vol 225(5), pages 2152-2165, 2020

Heterosis of leaf and rhizosphere microbiomes in field‐grown maize
Maggie R. Wagner Joseph H. Roberts Peter Balint‐Kurti James B. Holland
New Phytologist, early release, June 2020

Metaproteomics: Much More than Measuring Gene Expression in Microbial Communities
Manuel Kleiner
mSystems 4:e00115-19.

Bioinformatics workflow:

DADA2 ITS Pipeline Workflow (1.8)
Illumina sequenced PE files>an amplicon sequence variant (ASV) table & freq>assigns taxonomy of output ITS sequence variants using the UNITE database
Benjamin Callahan